Ding, B.; Guan, Q.; Walsh, J. P.; Boswell, J. S.; Winter, T. W.; Winter, E. S.; Boyd, S. S.; Li, C.; Savage, P. B. J. Med. Chem. 2002, 45, 663-669. Correlation of the antibacterial activities of cationic peptide antibiotics and cationic steroid antibiotics.

The antibacterial activities of cationic steroid antibiotics and cationic peptide antibiotics have been compared. Depolarization of bacterial membranes, activation of bacterial stress-related gene promoters, and changes in bacterial morphologies caused by these antibiotics suggest that cationic steroid and peptide antibiotics share mechanistic aspects. Modified cationic steroid antibiotics display improved selectivity for prokaryotic cells over eukaryotic cells presumably due to increased charge recognition.